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JLS OverKill Grunge font

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JLS OverKill Grunge font by the Fontry
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about the JLS Overkill Family...

OverKill Bloque was created in 1991 as a banner logo for a gamers fan newsletter, The OVERKILL Casualty Report. As letterforms were built for various headlines, a font took shape. Just for grins I fleshed out an uppercase and numbers and named it Ultra Bold. Much later, when Mike and I were working on our chiseled race pak, Ultra Bold convexed nicely and fit in with the modern sports look of the font pak. Mike is most at fault for the lowercase! No face should be without a lowercase! Since then, OverKill / Ultra-Bold has made its way onto the covers of two comic books and numerable vehicles and signs. In 2008 I decided to make it more useful for the desktop crowd. I brought back the OverKill name and called the first font in the family, OverKill Bloque.

All of the faces in the OverKill family are heavy hitters, designed for poster and display applications. Their shapes are extreme, pushing negative spaces to the max. Bloque is forceful and solid, great for logos. It is a strong headline face for comic and manga covers. More geometric and angular, Champion is a sports font. It will be at home on the field or on the court, adorning varsity fund-raising t-shirts or university / professional team logos. Though not quite rustic or antique, Hammer is a slab-serif, a tough hombre with a country flavor. But don't think of it just in terms of Wild West posters and western-wear logos. Hammer will be stiff competition on Ivy League sweatshirts and other sports imprints. OverKill Stencil builds strong logos for construction and industrial products packaging. And what futuristic sci-fi military would be complete without Stencil markings on its massive war machines? And for a matching worn-and-torn look, Grunge Stencil is a distressed font that conveys a sense of decay and erosion so typical of today’s culture. Grunge screams punk posters and underground bands and the products of a misspent youth.

Don't just overdo, OverKill.

JLSOverKillGrungeNormal sample text
JLSOverKillGrungeNormal (Version 1.001) OvrKll_Grunge.otfView Font Info 218 characters — View All

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Copyright (c) 2009 by the Fontry & James Stirling. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2009 by Mike Adkins & James Stirling. All rights reserved.


James Stirling & Mike Adkins


Version 1.001


JLS OverKill Grunge Normal is a trademark of Mike Adkins & James Stirling.


Mike Adkins & James Stirling