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SCRIPT1 Rager Hevvy font

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SCRIPT1 Rager Hevvy font by the Fontry
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Arriving fresh out of the Fontry's wildly successful Script Pak #1, Rager Hevvy is a bolder, fatter spin on the casual fonts of old. But don't let the wide stance fool you. You can tuck this font into spaces you would never expect, from the scrunched to the vast and open. Plus you'll have fun doing it, because it's such a happy, cartoony face that really get its message out, spreading cheer to everyone who sees it! And it really enjoys big format moments, like banners and signs and truck lettering. But it also doesn't mind headlining a webpage or a team shirt or a flyer for your next family get-together. And all that "hevvy" raging insinuated by the name? That's you, raving on about how this simple face is all the rage when it comes to your every layout need.

SCRIPT1 Rager Hevvy Normal sample text
SCRIPT1 Rager Hevvy Normal SCR1rahv RAGER HEVVY.otfView Font Info 223 characters — View All


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Copyright (c) 2008 by Michael Gene Adkins & The Fontry. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2008 by Michael Gene Adkins & The Fontry. All rights reserved.


SCRIPT1 Rager Hevvy Normal is a trademark of Michael Gene Adkins & The Fontry.


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