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Calibration Gothic NBP Latin Font text font
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About Calibration Gothic NBP Latin Font

Calibration Gothic NBP Latin is a display font that was created by total FontGeek DTF, Ltd. in . It was added to FontSpace on

Calibration Gothic NBP Latin is a bitmap font, which means that it is best displayed at 16pt (points) — need help?

Calibration Gothic NBP Latin is licensed as Creative Commons (by-sa) Attribution Share Alike, which means it is 100% free for both personal use and commercial use.

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If you need to contact the designer, you can Email total FontGeek DTF, Ltd.

Note from Designer

A pixel font I designed for a project at work (how my boss found out I make fonts is still a mystery). Based roughly on Calibri, Univers, and Helvetica.
Contains most of the Latin characters in the basic multilingual plane (version 1.2 will have more extended Latin)
Alternate G, Q, and R can be found at U+00A9, 00AE, and 2122 (copyright, registered, and trademark)
Also has an entire alternate alphabet in the fullwidth block.
The 2 Faces at U+2117 and U+2120 replace the company logo (which also makes it enough of an edit to make me the copyright holder again! Yay, corporate feudal state! :P

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Calibration Gothic NBP Latin (Version 1.1 (10) CALIBRATE1.ttfView Font Info 372 glyphs — View All


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    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I LOVE this so much!!!!! 5 STARS NATE!!!
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    I added an appropriate tag hee hee hee.....
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    @ByTheButterfly LOL right you are, then 😉 Thanks
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    LOL calculator...
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Calibration Gothic Latin is now part of the NBP Collection.


Created by Nate Halley, generated by Fontstruct.


Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
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Version 1.1 (10-January-2013)


FontStruct is a trademark of FSI FontShop International GmbH

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