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ABCya Sans font

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ABCya Sans font by TRMM2
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This is a remake of the font from the educational website ABCya!.com
It is been used in Counting Money, Learning Coins, and Math Lines - Addition, and Multiplication.
NOTE: I don't own the original font. does.

How I made this was I went into the website, and went into Counting Money, Learning Coins, and Math Lines, One of the games that are separate into parts, like 2.
I made the glyphs using the Import Image tool, and modified them to make it look like the real thing. I cut the glyphs into 1 part on Snipping Tool, then put them together on Paint, the letters are sometimes 3 or 6 glyphs, each glyph was done on Snipping Tool. Some glyphs that are not seen on either of those 3 games were made by the Free-Draw tool.

ABCya Sans sample text
ABCya Sans (Version 1.10 Ma) ABCya Sans.otfView Font Info 122 characters — View All

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    The real font is called Odin Rounded
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This font was created using FontCreator 9.0 from


ABCya! Sans © TRMM2 Fonts. 2016. All Rights Reserved


This font is made with the home edition of FontCreator. You may not use this font for commercial purposes.
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Version 1.10 March 16, 2016


Original font design owned by ABCya!.com.