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Pixelbroidery font

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Pixelbroidery font by Tusoud
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This font is a hybrid created between embroidery/cross-stitching and Pixels. All the upper case letters have a neutral pattern between a line which links together to make a small but simple pattern when connected together. This font is free to use, commercially and personally. If you have made anything with this font, please send me an e-mail, I'd love to see it!
This font supports the English language only, a version made for accents and possibly foreign languages like Korean will be created in the future. Stay tuned.

BitmapThis is a bitmap font and is best displayed at 32pt (points) — need help?
Pixelbroidery sample text
Pixelbroidery (Version 2) Pixelbroidery.ttfView Font Info 104 characters — View All


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Brett W (brettaxf) 2018,


Version 2