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Philippine Cyrillic font

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Philippine Cyrillic font by United Otakus of the Glodelania
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This is the official of Tagalog language if it was converted to Cyrillic, many of this are based on Tatar Cyrillic, I choose Tatar because Russian and other variant doesn't have ng. Unfortunately for those loanword using the letter wasn't​ here should use the letter of their corresponding sound and should be written as how they sound not how they spell in Latin Tagalog. For instant, Quezon should be Kezon (Кезон). This alphabet can be use in all Philippine languages, here are some samples from Tagalog and Bisaya.

Philippine Cyrillic Regular sample text
Philippine Cyrillic Regular (1.0) Philippine Cyrillic.ttfView Font Info 93 characters — View All


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