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Blimpixels font

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Blimpixels font by WORLD8
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been awhile since i'd made any new fonts, and lately usually just draw letters in photoshop when needed. when recently making a few new ones in photoshop, i felt it would be nice to make a font set out of the letter styles i'd been working with.

and so, here she is.

open and 100% free to use for independent productions, artworks, etc.
please give credit, and contact for commercial use

blimpixels by spencer "nintentofu" longtin

Blimpixels sample text
Blimpixels (Version 001.000) Blimpixels.ttfView Font Info 103 characters — View All


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    hope many can find some good use for this font within their works. would enjoy seeing projects/artworks you've done that include this font, so feel free to share your links with me direct.


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    *updated 9/18/13 by Author

    Fixed a minor quirk with the two V's being out of place of capital and lowercase. They now properly are set within their Hard Edge and Soft Edge siblings. Fixed the lowercase q, to have less a bottom-right tag to match the capital version. Also fixed the lowercase m, which didn't have enough heavy front end to match both the M and W's. Minor Changes also include in new version 1.3, adjusted numerical numbers to all at most 5x5 pixels to match the overall set and look. Lowercase T was changed to be same as capital T, had another idea for a T but figured to stick with the overall flow and look of the font. That's roughly about it besides cleaning up the ! + ? letters so they aren't as tall over the other letters.

    If any of the changes have caused an effect on your projects, feel free to let me know and I can send you an adjusted font set, etc.

    Thanks again for the support and hope you enjoy the changes made to better the font family.

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Version 001.000