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Koch Black font by xenophilius
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Made with FontCreator 6. The letters weren't designed by me--they were designed by Rudolph Koch in the 1920s--but I did scan them in and edit them to be less deteriorated, resize them, make new letters, etc. I got it from the Calligrapher's Bible by David Harris. This is my first full font made with a font editor other than FontStruct.

Koch Black sample text
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    A bad simulation of Koch's Fractur. Say, there is no harmony between a and c if standing within the proximity of each other.
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This font was created using FontCreator 6.2 from High-Logic.com. This is a black letter font designed by Xenophilius. The letters themselves were not designed by me, but I did scale and edit the letters and make some new characters. In some ways, the true owner of this font is Rudolph Koch, who designed the letters.


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Version 1.00 June 22, 2011, initial release