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BodoniFLF font

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The license information for this font is unknown
BodoniFLF-Bold sample text
BodoniFLF-Bold (1.0) BodoniFLF-Bold.ttfView Font Info 241 characters — View All
BodoniFLF-BoldItalic sample text
BodoniFLF-BoldItalic (1.0) BodoniFLF-BoldItalic.ttfView Font Info 240 characters — View All
BodoniFLF-Italic sample text
BodoniFLF-Italic (1.0) BodoniFLF-Italic.ttfView Font Info 240 characters — View All
BodoniFLF-Roman sample text
BodoniFLF-Roman (1.0) BodoniFLF-Roman.ttfView Font Info 240 characters — View All


  • lov2teach avatar
    How do we find out the license information?....Can we use this font for commercial use?
  • jvaughanct avatar
    Hello yes I would like to know if I can use the free fonts for commercial use as well.
  • june07 avatar
    I can use the free fonts, thx~
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