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@FrazzlesTheGreat ..use the space bar if its just that one letter..if you haven't tried it yet..good luck :)
Please drop by the font repository if you are interested in contributing to the project : https://github.com/chrissimpkins/Hack
hi im at school and im using this font for my poster, thanks its really cool
Both the white and black fills work fine. For black, it has to be BOLDED. It does not matter that only CombiNumerals shows as an option.....
@norma507 Please download the ZIP file, once you did, copy the TTF file to your desktop. Open your Control Panel, and drag the TTF file t...
Feel free to use!
Thank you. I would like to use it like "Ninja" type font on ninjabeats.net
@fontspace Also a different number 1, and a few minor tweaks to various characters in the greek, latin, and cyrillic character sets.