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@amalia3a Thanks Amalia, I am glad you like it
why you don't have any of greek letters? oh... :(
I would like to have rights to this font. Please contact me! <a href=""></a> Thank you! - Taylor
@rilencavy yay😸💖!!
sory im noob on this, the problem was that i must to import as @font-face. Thanks for the great job!
what is the font family name? i want to use it on my web page but it doesnt work
To clarify (because my previous comment was kind of vague): any photos sold do not have the watermark on them, and photos sold are not ge...
Love this font! Am I allowed to use this in a watermark for my photos? I am not selling the photos but I am posting them on Instagram. I ...
Super cute!
how can i use this to create a watermark? x