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This is so super chill and creative. Honestly I am going to use this to type my next essay. NO JOKEEEEEE
one word: adorable. This is solely the definition of perfect. Reply if y'all agree!!
This is an illegible mess of a font. Unbelievable. I can write better than that. Whats the point of a typed font when one will struggle ...
@Owenjenko Same here this font is just plain old stupid. Nothing to obsess over. its quite inferior to the other fonts and that is an und...
@tors please watch your language youngness are on this site!
@littlemissrainbow97 I bet teachers get a little sick of that, sorry kid.
This is offensive. I am a big muffin, so are you discriminatory against big muffins? Never using this font EVER
Lovin it. This font is finer than frog hair! Like it makes me wanna use it like a hammock on a summer day
very cute, but this is very misleading to children thinking dinosaurs are real, like come on though
OH YES!!! This font is why I live to be an font enthusiast. Very nice, you guys feel what Im saying?