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Here's the link to how/where I got the font: http://www.dafont.com/uk-tv-logos.font
@629Lyric Hi Jack. Yes, my 538Lyons logo is E4 style. I actually got the font from dafont.com
Cool! By the way, your profile pic, the one styled like the E4 logo? How'd you get the font for "The Big 4" housing the "Slanted E"?
Hello, Mohsen, how are you? We have already talked about your question, but I will let a reply here as well, so others with similar do...
Thanks, it does. Was getting a bit weary of authors yelling at us for just donating a dollar or so as a donation when they really meant t...
@629Lyric Ah, get it.
@sophie090603 Thanks so much!
@java1234 Thanks! :D
@squishyfishy500 Thanks! Yes, I named it after that song :D