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Angry Birds Movie font

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Angry Birds Movie font by FZ
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Tipografía de la película de animación ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE

If you want to use this typography commercially donate in the official page: http://fontmovie.blogspot.com/

Angry Birds Movie sample text
Angry Birds Movie (Version 1.00 Ja) Angry Birds Movie.otfView Font Info 76 characters — View All


  • AlexBird12347 avatar
    Do you have the possibility to expand the font content, such as eg . å, ä and ö are created to allow some of the letters does not remain hidden, because when I try to read something to the Finnish language site, which is not supported in the English language, and the site will remain most of the texts hidden letters, or they are just white and must not be any doubt anymore. Otherwise, this is great font!
  • heavencastro avatar
    Haven't you supported Finnish and Swedish?
    Why no å, ä and ö? Thank you.
  • Ben87hub avatar
    Why add Ü and Ö?
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Version 1.00 January 2, 2016, initial release