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London Tube

London Tube font

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Jonathan Paterson 1994. Alphabet characters based on Edward Johnston's London Underground type designed for London Transport in 1915.

London Tube
London-Tube.ttf London Tube (1.1 Tue May 20)View Font Info 228 characters — View All


  • This is an amazing font, love it
  • mickeys
    It's unfair to present this typeface without mentioning that it's an unauthorized derivative of the the actual 1916 "London Underground" face (commonly known as "P22 Johnson"smiley-wink by Edward Johnston.

    Jonathan Paterson has not as much designed this as taken a world-famous creation and passed it off as his own.

    If you are interested in this typeface you may also be interested in the free K-Foundry "Keep Calm and Carry On" typeface, available for personal use at http://www.k-type.com/?p=2156
  • QinglinKong
    I like it!!!
    simply great!
  • Although it is clearly an "unauthorised derivative" since it was a typeface designed in the UK and UK copyright on typefaces lasts 25 years it is well into the public domain by now!
  • This font has a kerning table problem, which becomes apparent when you use it. The letters don't appear to kern properly.
  • This font is actually a clone of New Johnston, which was created in 1979 by Eiichi Kono making it only 35 years old. One can tell because of certain differences between New Johnston and the original, check the "1", ":" and ";" glyphs in particular.

    The typeface is certainly not public domain, but typeface copyright is a strange area and it seems you can copy glyph designs without repercussion.

    I do appreciate that there is a freely available version of New Johnston because I like some of the improvements made.

    For an open-source version of Johnston's original Underground typeface look to Railway
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1.1 Tue May 20 15:03:03 1997

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