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London Tube

London Tube font

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Jonathan Paterson 1994. Alphabet characters based on Edward Johnston's London Underground type designed for London Transport in 1915.

London Tube
London-Tube.ttf London Tube (1.1 Tue May 20)View Font Info 228 characters — View All


  • This is an amazing font, love it
  • mickeys
    It's unfair to present this typeface without mentioning that it's an unauthorized derivative of the the actual 1916 "London Underground" face (commonly known as "P22 Johnson"smiley-wink by Edward Johnston.

    Jonathan Paterson has not as much designed this as taken a world-famous creation and passed it off as his own.

    If you are interested in this typeface you may also be interested in the free K-Foundry "Keep Calm and Carry On" typeface, available for personal use at http://www.k-type.com/?p=2156
  • QinglinKong
    I like it!!!
    simply great!
  • Although it is clearly an "unauthorised derivative" since it was a typeface designed in the UK and UK copyright on typefaces lasts 25 years it is well into the public domain by now!
  • This font has a kerning table problem, which becomes apparent when you use it. The letters don't appear to kern properly.
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1.1 Tue May 20 15:03:03 1997