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Snyder Speed Brush

Snyder Speed Brush font

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A sign painter for 50 years, my father taught me (among other alphabets/typefaces) the sign painter's bread and butter alphabet: Speed-brush lettering. After infinite hours of practice using paint with brush applied to rolls of banner paper while learning to recreate letters in sizes from one-inch up to two-foot high letters, this typeface served well when I was in the sign business in the 70s. I currently teach drawing, painting, printmaking, year book DTP, and commercial art to future artists, possibly typographers (alias) high school students; and produce serious art for local, regional and national juried exhibitions.

SnyderSpeed was my first attempt at recreating, a memorized sign-painting alphabets on the Mac. My wife dared me to apply my skills to the Mac she had begged me to buy her for Christmas in 1989. (Wasn't I a nice guy!). She works in DTP and claimed she could not find the brush stroke font she needed, at any price, anywhere.

Snyder Speed Brush
SnyderSpeedBrush.ttf Snyder Speed Brush (1.000 conversio)View Font Info 147 characters — View All


  • Fun fact: this is House Industries' Sign Painter font at 118%.
  • fontspace
    @jimtealiii Interesting. It looks like Pat made this one in 1992 and House Industries made theirs in 1999, 7 years later. Maybe they used Pat's as a reference?
  • AVPerth
    Also quite famously used in Mario Kart 64. Sign Painter - House Brush is also different in many areas, particularly P, R, U, and F. They share the same sign-painter's brush DNA but other than that are independent designs.
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1.000 conversion of Type 1 font


Copr. Pat Snyder, Ross Inlet, Coos Bay, OR Shware $

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