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Halfmarks font

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A simple font designed using High-Logic's Font creator. using mathematics i made every part of every glyph 120em thick. the font renders well in sizes 16pts-and-above, most common foreign glyphs including äåãàáȧāâǎ. over 5000+ kernings were added to give a uniform distance between all glyphs of 200em. Enjoy my first ever font :)

Halfmarks.ttf Halfmarks (Version 1.00 Au)View Font Info 352 characters — View All


  • KSA
    You did a great job creating your first font.
  • WolfLambert
    NICE!!!!!!!! And that for a first font!
  • viperrific
    I second (err...third?) that! Really nice-looking font. I'm also impressed that you took the effort & time to include Latin-1-Supplement and Latin-Extended-A, -B, and -Additional — most fontsters don't include these (and a lot don't even bother with basic punctuation). Writing (mostly fiction) is a hobby of mine, and my stories often are partially (or, occasionally, fully) in languages that use letters from these character sets — i.e., letters with diacritics (ā, è, ó, ï, ü, ý, ŵ, č, etc.), and other characters that aren't part of the basic Latin alphabet (æ (and ǽ), œ, ð, þ, ß, ø...). (I do write in the context of my career as well, but in a very different genre, and I use LaTeX rather than a word processor.)

    Anyhow, this is an impressive start — I look forward to seeing more of your font designs!
  • RichardGraphics
    Very nice, I see a hint of Nobel but with a more humanistic look of course
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This font was created using FontCreator 6.5 from High-Logic.com



Version 1.00 August 31, 2012, initial release

Languages Supported