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NoteHedz font

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NoteHedz contains symbols used in most of the 4 or 7 shaped note systems for Sacred Harp, FaSoLa, Aiken, and Swan. You have to provide your own staff and stems. In addition, letters A - G are enclosed in ordinary notes, and there are a number of other symbols.

NoteHedz170.ttf NoteHedz (Version 1.70)View Font Info 214 characters — View All

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NoteHedz contains the seven symbols currently used for note heads in the shaped note system. Also, it contains standard note heads, and a small number of other musical symbols. The shaped note heads appear at the same vertical position, so if you intend to write scales with these, you must reposition them. Shaped note symbols are at keys 1 - 7, corresponding to scale pitches do - ti(si). Lowercase lettera a - g produce a standard notehead with the capital letter enclosed. Key 9 has a standard solid notehead, and key 0 has a standard open notehead. If the SHIFT key is used, the symbols will be smaller and offset, for special purposes. Keys M, m, N, and n produce spaces progressively smaller than the normal notehead width, to allow adjustment.



This font software is offered under free public license. The creator retains copyright, but users may freely use, redistribute, or customize the font for any purpose, whether private or commercial. However, you may not remove the original creators name from the font. If you distribute a modified version, you must clearly distinguish your own from the original. This font is offered AS-IS with NO WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. User accepts all risk of use. No support is offered. The version you have is PRE-PUBLIC RELEASE, for testing purposes only.


Designed by an amateur. Free, and worth it!


Version 1.70


Robert Allgeyer

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