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bromello font

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bromello sample text
bromello (Version 1.000) bromello.otfView Font Info 63 characters — View All


  • mathildendoye avatar
    Such an amazing font! Thanks
  • alitsuarnegara avatar
    thanks mathildendoye
  • efiaeemnxo avatar
    I love the font but it's only showing half of it until I make it 13pt, can you help me please?
  • dlolley88 avatar
    Love your work. Beautiful font.
  • chelle18 avatar
  • gimpylove avatar
    Love this one! Nice job!
  • taramarguerite avatar
    Agreed - I can only see half a font which is a shame is it is such a lovely font!
  • eawhitley avatar
    Some of the letters are cut off at the top 😞
  • alitsuarnegara avatar
    @eawhitley : download full version for new update
  • esmicu avatar
    I downloaded Bromello for my wedding invite envelopes and cannot get the extra swashes to work with OpenType in the Advanced Font settings in Microsoft Word. Downloaded newer version of Bromello and still cannot get the swashes to work. Contextual Alternates is enabled, went through every stylistic set and no changes. Any suggestions?
  • MadihaHasan avatar
    Grt font.
  • MelM222 avatar
    Beautiful font! But I am confused about commercial use - it says it is ok for personal and commercial use but there is a red x next to the word commercial above that. Can you tell me if it is ok for commercial use?
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alitsuarnegara avatar alitsuarnegara
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Copyright (c) 2015 by alit_design. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2015 by alit_design. All rights reserved.


Alit Suarnegara


Version 1.000


bromello is a trademark of alit_design.



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