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A Lolita Scorned

A Lolita Scorned font

— Created in by

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Licensed as: Postcardware
A Lolita Scorned
A_Lolita_Scorned.ttf A Lolita Scorned (Version 1.00 Ju)View Font Info 96 characters — View All


  • i am thinking about getting a tattoo on my wrist with this script.
  • oli_via
  • very nice font
  • Poez34
  • Raider076
  • XxbellaxX
    CRAAAAAZZZZYYYY!!!!!! Font!!!!!!!!!!!! its sooo cool tho :]
  • kokeiroiro
    I like your font design!
  • susank82
    this is beautiful!
  • nishadi95
    vampire.... really?
  • Vladimir
    Tattoo's wont look good when you're in your 50's!
  • starsunflower
    Love it smiley
  • sichumile
    The font is amazzzzingsmiley
  • LOl
  • dancer25
    my mom just got a tattoo and she is fifty. it looks great.
  • Pianogirl
    Woooooooow Amazing
  • AngEliReed
    wow omg i love it! smiley-lol and then i saw the designers name. Hey im angelique! i love ur name!!! XD and ur font too obvs...
  • nice one
  • Pianoplayer21
    amazing font
  • applemunch123
    COOL !!!!
  • If it says commercial use allowed, can I use this font in my video? I need it just to say "Top 10" and "Eerie Halloween Facts". Please let me know, I cannot pay $30 to use a font for youtube vidyas.
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Version 1.00 June 25, 2006, initial release

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