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Billy Argel Font

Billy Argel Font

— Created in by

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Personal use only, no commercial use.
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
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Billy Argel Font___.otf BILLY ARGEL FONT (Version 001.001)View Font Info 62 characters — View All


  • LOVE IT!
  • Ohh man thats awsome!!
  • aznshrimp
    This is the best
  • great font... but i need the numbers?! do you will made this?
  • wiked56
  • LadyAntler
    I love this old fashion script. It will add true beauty to my thank you cards and my holiday cards.
  • trickyb88
    another sick design dude
  • HATE it, no numbers smiley-sad
  • shelbie
    like the font, hate that there are no numbers.
  • WindyCityBluez
    One Of The Best I have Found...
  • WindyCityBluez
    Love the font hate people who are never pleased. it's free bitches! thank You Billy Argel
  • Love this sort of Script thanks
  • lilcupid
    lookin really kool ima try to do sumfn like this
  • MotaDesign
    Cool font
  • Love the font but why does it say "Commercial use allowed" on this site when the actual font has "demo personal use only" in the type?
  • Mossy195
    wicked text nice job
  • littlemissrainbow97
    this fonts good heart
  • mylittletinker
    cool font i luv it heart
  • hella unique LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mattmikyel
    niCE - 1 ^.^
  • RuThyLuvly808
    DAMN i love this one ahaha its HELLA sexy !
  • matiasromero
  • shazzajazza
    Awesome! Love this!
  • Blechhose
    great font!
  • awesome font used it on my friends tattoo he loved it thank you
  • Awesome!! I love this font. Fancy but with a bit of horror
  • HoustoneTx
  • esmeraldaabero89
  • myirie
  • hleena
    so cool
  • PinkBubble14
    Freakin' ICONic. smiley
  • LOve this xxxheart smiley
  • Hello Billy I love this font , Could I pay u to adjust it a lil ? For the word Christyle. I love it . It beats everything else . I would just like the C's flair not to be so long at the top and for the L to be cursive L with a loop or something. Ide like it to stand away from the Y. I feel its hard to distinguish the L. Thanks My number is 6982256388. my email is Doitchristyle@gmail.com
  • Love this font and want to use it for my daughter's wedding programs. How do you get the "demo for personal use only" off it?
  • SOOO coool
  • @hleena i know right
  • @IzyLo9147
    i totally get what you are say a little of dark with a spalsh of sweet
  • How can you use this font off demo mode?
    Does anyone no? Thanks
  • Hi I'm designing my debut cd and I really need this font. How can I purchase this?
  • CROL_rene
    ***** bravo*****
  • Sadearah
  • Classic but beautiful
  • Oh woah ! This font is really beautiful yes.
    Nice work !
  • T8140
    love it
  • Nice font, love it
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Copyright (c) 2010 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved.



free for personal use only, commercial licenses available more info contact billyargel@gmail.com
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Billy Argel


Version 001.001


BILLY ARGEL FONT is a trademark of Billy Argel.


Billy Argel
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