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Blessed Day

Blessed Day font

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Blessed Day
BLESD___.otf Blessed Day (Version 1.000)View Font Info 70 characters — View All


  • This is a really good font to use smileysmiley It's really nice
  • lo5za
  • Heyy I reaallllyy luvv thiss Font itzzz Sickk xx andd usefll smileysmiley-grinsmiley-winkheart xx heart33
  • i got *Count Your Blessings* tatted up on me wit this font its greatsmiley more tattoos for sure wit this font
  • trugle
    impressive !!
    smiley smiley-wink smiley-grin ;D smiley-razz
  • RenAcou
    --------> soo cute !
    --------> Love it !
  • Linlin
    I am gonna do a tattoo with this font smiley
  • t73334685
  • LiviG
    I really like this font x x smiley-wink
  • CrazyGirl123
  • bubblez
    nice. reminds me of a mike stevens sign painter script I also enjoy. smiley
  • chazah
    Very nice script! Lovely! and I love the name too smiley-eek)
  • longgem
    Wow name looks good in this font
  • longgem
    oops i mean my name XP
  • omgggggg, why couldnt i find this earlier. it's the bees knees. seeing this has changed my life. omfg omfg omfg xxxxxxxxxx
  • Sillycrayon
    I like it smiley-grin I have a question though, How do you make fonts?
  • injector13
  • I love this font! But I would have loved numbers and symbols, such as £. Any chance this is possible? smiley-wink
  • My next tattoo will be written in this font... ?
  • raerae000
    i want the ! available
  • iv been looking for ages for a nice font to use for my tattoo...and i love this one, going to get my first tattoo using it smiley x
  • cookiesammy04
    i love this font its truly amazing heart
  • naseer
    nice font
  • Muffin135
    love it so much!!!!!!! x
  • Muffin135
    This is a truly wonderful font x
  • Is there any way to get numbers as well in this font?? It is awesome and would love to have numbers as well?? smiley
  • Cara download supaya bisa di Gunakan di BB gimana caranya yaa??
    Share caranya dooong..
  • xxxibJessie
    I like it ^_^ Thank you~~~
  • Wow!! I m just looking this type charming font.Thanks For sharing... techlabpro
  • scarletwolf
    Using this for hw!
  • swaggy111115
    wow. this is so good.
  • burgobby
    such a cute font
  • cybergoth
    to make the tail at the end use
  • mominah
    yh i knw cool init
  • SuyogJadhav
    nice font.
  • love it !
  • good font. but i don't really like this font. sorry.
  • lulama75
    this is too damn good
  • I'm a tattoo artist and I love this website
  • NikkiMartinezIII
    This One Is So Pretty, I Have Always Been In Love With This Type Of Font ^.^
  • This is really cool. smiley
  • hyyehuiteng
    ~0~ THANKS smiley-lol
  • applemunch123
    i just totttally love this font heart
  • Thank you very much
  • thanks !!
  • jocurios
    great font
  • @Sillycrayon
    If you go up to the top it will have a search bar where u type anything u want
  • Un peu en retard, mais j'aime le modèle! smiley-wink
  • fashiondiver111
    I love this one.
  • someone
  • AnimeRarity
  • 217wildfire
    Beautiful !! heart
  • Really emotional font man Keep it up xox
  • CottonCandy
    beautiful font, if I do say so myself heart smiley-wink
  • looks like the "Ford" Logo!
  • good conception!
  • really good for art
  • LIKE that
  • rakkbass
    yet another great one
  • i like it
  • une belle conception à dupliquer smiley
  • hello smiley-wink
  • i love this font its truly amazing
  • pingpong
  • pingpong
    @CottonCandy XD
  • Wow!!!! Who ever did this THX!!! because it is so cool
  • good!!!
  • bonne conception smiley
  • good font!
  • ConnieSizemore
    Wow!! Beautiful
  • pas mal!
  • WallisLim
    such a cute font
  • belle conception!
  • tuyetdiy
  • j'ai envi de le prendre comme modèle mais cela va-t-il aller avec mon site? votre avis?
  • dominica
    I love font!
  • Millina
    I love this one, got my daughters name with it, on my wrist
  • best font ever
  • fancyy
  • wonderful ...
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Copyright (c) 2011 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved.



Blessed Day font by Billy Argel fonts all rights reserved. Blessed Day font is free for personal use only, commercial licenses available. contact billyargel@gmail.com
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Billy Argel


Version 1.000


Blessed Day is a trademark of Billy Argel.


Billy Argel
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