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CANDY___.otf CANDYINC (Version 1.000)View Font Info 89 characters — View All


  • saddet
  • thanks!!
  • kashishio
  • Bfute13
  • mylittletinker
    i luv this font its so cool !!
  • skytrevor
    i love it soo much!!!
  • littlemissrainbow97
    love this font .xxx.
    i use it for pretty much all my homework !!! thankyou heart smiley-razz smiley :'smiley-wink
  • LiviG
    This is my fav font it is SOO cute!! x
  • bsbygirl2012
    love it
  • like it
  • crazyy!!!!
  • Athenas
    Like it!!!
  • I like this font. It's really cutesmileysmiley!!!
  • cocosmiley
    love this font! so cool
  • alc1595
    This is like my all time favourite font along with one other, it is awesome xx
  • moniqute
    i like it! imma use this font on my mobile phone!
  • i love it... soo cute
  • how do u make these?
  • hey me friend lluuuucy likes thisxxx
  • danirox
  • really cute!!
  • cookiesammy04
    i love this!
  • susie24
    caaauuute heart
  • kristingilmore
    hhah I LOVE CANDY heart
  • longgem
  • kristingilmore
    @alc1595 right, first of all learn to spell alc smiley-lol smiley-wink then you cant say that its your all time favourite 'along with another one' you're kind of undermining your point there.... just saying. tryin to help out a fellow fontspace man or women
  • alc1595
    @kristingilmore Please read your private message I sent you. I feel you were very rude to comment like this as my spelling is all correct in the opinion I expressed above. Thank You.
  • kristingilmore
    @alc1595 hahaha done, hunny bunny smiley-grin i also expressed my feelings on the matter in question. to enlighten you, the comment made towards your spelling, was particulalrly revolved to your name... WHAT DOES ALC STAND FOR HUN? smiley-grin xxxxxxxxxxx ps.you're welcome
  • alc1595
    @kristingilmore okay well, its my enitials. AND I LOVE THIS FONT xxxxxx
  • wow just wow, so amazing xoxoxoxoxox
  • Candy... :3
  • kristingilmore, to enlighten you - the phrase to use in this context would be grammar, and not spelling. And to express my feelings on the matter in question, I think it was completely unnecessary of you to rant and rave about alc1595's grammar. What are you, the Grammar Police? Relax and let people be themselves...geez.
  • animalapplean1melover
    The font is cute, it looks good for a person who is advertising candy, soda or etc.
    only the best font on everything! heart
  • LucyHikary
    I love it!
  • sapphire11
    serious swaggsmiley
  • aishaalia111
    i love that font.. it's retro and suitable for candy wrappers/chocolate bars!
  • Awesome! smiley-grin
  • snowbell88
    Its so cool and fresh yet vintage.
  • IzabelaKenobi
    Very pretty heart
  • That cool
  • TripleAsh19
    i use this for almost everything!!!! loving it
  • TripleAsh19
    omg! so other font is better than this!!!!!
  • jaymcghee79
  • korea0405
    its so cute!
  • epic font man nice job!
  • xxxibJessie
    Love ittttttttttttt~~~
  • zSpeed
    reminds me of the 1900s
  • fuse00
    where i can get the script tail of that???
  • HattyROX
    @kristingilmore. I feel that you are extremely rude to comment on other peoples spelling when some of your own isn't completely correct either.
  • allypoulivaati
  • TripleAsh19
    really nice, never get bored off this font! smiley
  • swaggy111115
    cause i knew you were trouble when you walked in.
  • lovin it lovin it lovin it smiley
  • 123490
    Wow smiley-grin
  • thank you!
  • NathasaChing
    cute script font !
  • how do you do the underline thing?
  • how do you do the underline?
  • @saddet love the wallpaper i love glee as well
  • @saddet smiley
  • I heart it
  • so coo!
  • rachAngel
  • @sivaanitk9 LOve it
  • Can somebody help me out on how to create the long tail..plz
  • Flourish = Ctrl + {[ button
  • applemunch123
    lve it smiley
  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its rubbish
  • DorisDay1999
    Love this! x
  • andisa
    i love candyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  • andisa
    @MRgay thank you at least someone speaks the truth
  • vintagecesar
    Hola que tal como hago para que me salga el listón del final? deseo asesoría , gracias
  • 19thfeb
    love it!
  • love it !! thanks
  • Keepcalmsidrah11
    very nice ... it was a gift on the front of my boyfriends gift so sexy
  • smiley heart
  • ChocolateLover
    No capital N?
  • where is N ?
  • grrfluudy
    Thanks so much!! Love it!
  • baby1234
    love this
  • maryamjabeenshazad786
    I love this font!so gorgeous
  • i think its ok
  • dcookenham
    It is ok
  • Pinkangelpink10
    buff writing it just like my actual handwriting
  • danmaskey
    yes another great font!
  • Thanks
  • I don't like it
  • rakkbass
  • sophiepayne556
    @kashishio i know right
  • sophiepayne556
    ilove it heart
  • love it
  • Damn it.. this is amazing..
  • UltimateCatFan200
  • great font thanks
  • riverflow
  • @littlemissrainbow97 I bet teachers get a little sick of that, sorry kid.
  • @tors please watch your language youngness are on this site!
  • hi im at school and im using this font for my poster, thanks its really cool
  • Becx101
    I think it's good but some letters are hard to see
    However it is AMAZBALLING FABOULOUS if you write Aya in green smiley
  • Amazing font, good job!
  • cute font ily!!
  • very nice
  • i ll use it for sure
  • dekdeeza36355
    it good
  • CarolynaDR
    Very gorgeous font smiley
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CANDY INC. Copyright (c) 2010 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved. free for personal use only. complete set available contact billyargel@gmail.com
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Version 1.000


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