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The Importance of Choosing the Right Font

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Having a font that catches the eye has sold products for years, in fact, fonts are what connect us to our favorite brand names. Whether you're trying to promote your garage band's concert next week, design a party or wedding invitation, or promote an upcoming sale or new business, taking the time to select a font that sets you apart can leave a better, longer-lasting impression.

The Wonderful and Elaborate World of Dingbats

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The history of dingbats is as old as the printing press. A typesetting solution to esthetic concerns and ornamental augments, dingbats provide type characters that create framing, add punctuation, manage empty space and provide embellishments to complement and organize blocks of text. With the advent of computerized typesetting, you may have a selection of dingbats in the form of fonts (also known as pi fonts) that are available for use in various publishing programs. The tradition of these ornamental symbols is so rich and vital to typography that some type foundries still cast symbols for letterpress printers.

When Designing Your Website, Don't Underestimate the Importance of Typography

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Typography flies under the radar for most people because, when it's done right, it goes unnoticed. It's similar to good sound design in a film. Think about it: unless you have a related job, you've probably never left a movie and thought, "Wow! The sound was great!" But if the sound is not in sync with the image, or pulling a zipper sounds like like a gush of wind, you are going to notice.

Fonts for Pinterest pride

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Scroll through the DIY category on Pinterest, and you’re likely to come across vinyl. Lots of it. Signs with catchy sayings, organizing labels, custom cups—combined with an electronic cutter like the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Explore, you name it, vinyl can make it happen.

Quick Tutorial in CSS Fonts Property Descriptions

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In plain words CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a code language that helps to distinguish different styles and looks that set website designs apart. Most commonly written in HTML or XHTML code, expert CSS fluency can lead to dynamic and engaging designs that will stand out and grab viewers, or impress users with expert interface accessibility.

Trends in Typography: The Handmade Touch

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The typography trend that has flourished and was born out of a backlash towards the digitization of basically all publishing, comic books, package design and the application of the graphic arts, is the handmade typeface. Ever since personal computers have entered our homes, the power of desktop publishing and graphic design has been available to anyone who can afford a computer.

Web fonts focus: What is best, serif or sans-serif?

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As designers and font aficionados lets clearly underline the difference between serif and sans-serif. Serifs are the small lines and embellishments that taper off the edges of letters and symbols (think Times New Roman). Sans-serifs are typefaces that do not have these lines, they possess a clear cut, sharp, modern, minimal look. "Sans" comes from an old-French word, derived from Latin, meaning "without."

What Does Your Company's Typography Say?

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Whether you're heading a startup or revamping an existing company, nailing your brand is a game changer in the business world. When your communication to the public is clean, consistent, and targeted, it gives you a significant competitive edge. For instance, developing an optimal logo with just the right colors can make or break a new product

Choosing the Right Font Technology for the Job

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The Internet provides us with a wide variety of ways to be creative and share our thoughts and ideas. But it's up to each of us to inject our own personality into what we post for the world (or just a few close friends) to see.

Selecting a suitable font is one creative choice we control, but before we do that we must first consider the type of content we intend to create and the appropriate font technology that applies. Then we can move on to choosing a source for fonts that offers them in the required format

Free Fonts for Back to School

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The sun is still shining and it's still summer, but the kid's will be heading back to school before we know it. With fall around the corner, getting everything organized for the new year can be stressful. While we can't help you shop for back to school needs, we can help make one area of your life a little easier

A Readable Wedding Font, Finally!

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For those couples out there looking to put out their wedding invitations, outline their wedding program, and start thinking about the more fun parts of married life (honeymoon, anyone?), some fonts are incredibly traditional (this is also known as unreadable by many circles, including your great Aunt Maureen).

Customize your scrapbook pages

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Scrapbooking is more than pretty paper and some pictures.  It's about creating a way to display your memories that is as unique as you are.  Adding in a quote or written memory is a great way to pass along those happy times to generations to come.  You don't want a plain font for those memories, they are special and deserve something special.

Shiny new font blog

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Ok, so it's really more green than shiny, but it is new! This will be our place to talk about website changes, and the wonderful world of free fonts.

We hit 13,000 free fonts this month. Wow — a big thanks to all the designers out there who have shared their fonts for free. Also, thanks to fontologist who has been busy adding many rare fonts from the late 90's.

We've got a lot of updates coming to FontSpace soon. The "add to favorites" will get a face-lift. The popular fonts page will feature newer fonts as well, not just the ones with tons of downloads. Stay tuned and visit often to see the improvements.

Here are some of the subtle updates we've made over the last few months.

Commercial-Use filters

For all the pros out there it's 100x easier to find fonts with generous 100% free commercial-use licenses. Just click "Filter Options" and check the commercial-use box like the following picture.
alt text

Font Images (AKA "font plays")

If you've used one of the fonts here in an image, share your design on the font detail page. This is great for designers who have lots of examples of their fonts in action. Check out Giro by Marcelo for an example.

Previews with Colors

If you don't want to load up Photoshop for a quick splash of color, just click the color swatches on the customize bar.
alt text

Click the chain-link icon to get a permanent link to your customized settings. This includes the Text, Font Size, and Colors.

Private Messages
You can now contact any user by sending a private message. Just go to a user's profile and click the "Send Message" button. Your email address is not disclosed, no worries!

What are we missing?

If there's some new feature you'd like to see, please leave a comment below or contact us. We love feedback!

font used in images is Margarosa