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Shiny new font blog

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Ok, so it's really more green than shiny, but it is new! This will be our place to talk about website changes, and the wonderful world of free fonts.

We hit 13,000 free fonts this month. Wow — a big thanks to all the designers out there who have shared their fonts for free. Also, thanks to fontologist who has been busy adding many rare fonts from the late 90's.

We've got a lot of updates coming to FontSpace soon. The "add to favorites" will get a face-lift. The popular fonts page will feature newer fonts as well, not just the ones with tons of downloads. Stay tuned and visit often to see the improvements.

Here are some of the subtle updates we've made over the last few months.

Commercial-Use filters

For all the pros out there it's 100x easier to find fonts with generous 100% free commercial-use licenses. Just click "Filter Options" and check the commercial-use box like the following picture.
alt text

Font Images (AKA "font plays")

If you've used one of the fonts here in an image, share your design on the font detail page. This is great for designers who have lots of examples of their fonts in action. Check out Giro by Marcelo for an example.

Previews with Colors

If you don't want to load up Photoshop for a quick splash of color, just click the color swatches on the customize bar.
alt text

Click the chain-link icon to get a permanent link to your customized settings. This includes the Text, Font Size, and Colors.

Private Messages
You can now contact any user by sending a private message. Just go to a user's profile and click the "Send Message" button. Your email address is not disclosed, no worries!

What are we missing?

If there's some new feature you'd like to see, please leave a comment below or contact us. We love feedback!

font used in images is Margarosa

63 Responses
  • Munkee
    Cool blog!!
  • New to the site. Where can I find the new 'green' fonts? (Ones that prints on the paper with holes?)
  • fontologist
    That's Ecofont, a free font by the Dutch design firm SPRANQ based on Bitstream's public domain font, Vera Sans. You can download it at this site, which sells software that will put holes in any font . . .

  • 98QueenBeeM3
    I would love to see a Facebook app to tie to my facebook page.
  • Where can I find a font that looks like writing with yarn? Is there such a beast? I have a pic but can't copy it in here so hard to explain...
  • What is the name of the font you used for the "FontSpace" logo?
  • hammock
    Cool site. Was looking for the eco font also, but see someone has given the link for that. Cheers.

    Some great fonts here though that I'm keen to try out. If I use them on a website, will they be viewed 'as is' by the viewer, or only if that font is in browser?

  • Every font I've tried to get off this site the last three times (at least 10 fonts each time) has been corrupted, they won't open, at all.
  • Love This site!!! Love that I can put the exact wording and see it before I decide to use a specific font!!!!!
  • soupbone3
    Im new to the site here and was wondering how I can see a name in a particular type of font, so I can see how it looks. I have a cousin who wants me to do a design on her boyfriends wall
  • Umm... I'm so excited to use this site because I LOVE FONTS! The ones here are so cool! But I can't get them to download and work on my Windows 7. Spent hours on Microsoft support and help forums to no avail... You guys obviously know how to do it? Please help someone who doesn't even know how to do a stupid avatar. Thanking you I am!
  • I am wanting to put fonts on photo's but can not figure out how to. If anyone can help that would be great... not real good with the computer, so it may be somethjing very simple that im missing. Thanks
  • Does anyone recall the name of the font used by the Baltimore Colts NFL team from 1953 - 1975? Not the names and numbers on the uniform, but rather the words BALTIMORE COLTS on their logos, jackets, stationery, merchandise, pennants, etc.
  • I noticed that the fonts have an efw tag on the end and they will not load into my computer which uses Truetype fonts only. Is there a way to convert from .efw to Truetype.
  • Trying to find the name of the font used in the following karaoke video and others like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xOlsb3cxzI
    Any ideas?
  • Wait, How do you download this fonts?
  • Hi very new to this site, minutes actually looks very cool can't wait to start using fonts that are available
  • Ok, I would love to put my own creativity to work making a font. How do I get started? Anyone anyone? Would love to hear from experienced font-ologists!!!!
  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to upload a pic for my profile. I've chosen the picture and everything, but it won't show up on my profile. Help Please! Thanks!
  • TigerBabieh
    Is the font for the ST.Louis Rams anywhere here??
  • fontologist
    Can't get in. I get "invalid form of compression" for new fonts page.
  • Just joined; previous forays to download free stuff and today's effort absolutely remain useless at downloads when I get notices that downloads are damaged and wont download. Site useless to me.
  • ross2211
    i cant install all the fonts....i dono which part of the jobs i missed..i download it, extract it...then wat else to do so that i can install the font n use the fonts?? my computer is using truetype... help me plzzz... smiley
  • seraph
    I'm new to this site, I just joined today. I just downloaded a font, and I was wondering how to use it. Someone, please help me figure this thing out...
  • seraph
    Okay, I extracted the font, but it's not in the FONT folder, its in another folder, and I can't figure out how to move it (it's not one of the options when I click "move"smiley-wink. What should I do? How do I get it into the fonts folder? Please help me, SOMEONE.
  • seraph
    A friend helped me. smiley
  • Please tell me name of font Thomas C. Wang used in 2nd edition of PENCIL SKETCHING. Thanks, Dave
  • CoreyMaurice
    I read same question on amazon. Would really like to know about the font now.

    Oak kitchen cabinets
  • The popular fonts page will feature newer fonts as well, not just the ones with tons of downloads. Stay tuned and visit often to see the improvements.

    Server Hosting
  • jagroop101
    fear not its JAGROOP this website is the best i use it in all my homeworks
  • Really appreciate the ease of finding out whether a font is personal or commercial friendly. Thanks
  • geo26r
    It’s nice to take a vacation once in a while because this gives you physical and mental refreshment. I can still remember my unforgettable experience when I was in Bantayan Island. The place was indescribable. The surroundings were rare, pleasant to your soul.
  • LOVE the site!!! BUT...
    I am not sure how to use them after I downloaded them. Will they just appear in my windows and mac programs as a font option?????
  • how do i use the font in windows after i download it ??
  • Rssrock
    How do I use the fonts after downloading?
  • I have signed up, downloaded the FREE fonts, and also have downloaded some 'detective' fonts. My question is how to GET TO and USE the 'detective' fonts I downloaded. Thus far, I can only 'see' them.
  • indrajithi
    http://articlehack.com/malayalam-font-download-with-instructions/Malayalam fonts are required to read documents which are written in Malayalam and to type in Malayalam. Here I am going to show you how to download and install Malayalam fonts to read and write Malayalam documents. First of all you need to download Malayalam font.
  • indrajithi
    Malayalam font downloadGiven below is a list of Malayalam Fonts including Malayalam Unicode fonts which are available for free download. For you convenience, the preview of each of these fonts are given here with a paragraph of text.
  • meena
    i want this font . which is on igadgetware.com site having title image
  • carriestacy
  • pvisan25
    Anybody knows the name of this font ?

    It Used in pixelmator on Mac

  • babycakes154
    cool blog caa't wait to see the new font
  • WolfLambert
    @fontspace Please post anything new on the blog, this message is from april 2010!
  • im trying to find a font just like the band we came as romans uses please help!!!!
  • Great posts! Love this blog! I absolutely love it!

  • I like these fonts very much! There is not even a single one that I couldn't use for my projects...Great work guys!
  • I wish there was a mobile application for this. smiley
  • Absolutely love these fonts especially those I can use for my projects MASTERPLAN rulz smiley
  • I'd like a somewhat fairy tale font but everything I can find is very usual, habitual...encountered in absolutely any tale...Any advice or ideas?
  • Could someone tell me please what kind of font I should use for my dissertation plan? I am having trouble deciding between Baroque Script and Syracuse
  • What type of font would you recommend for a scientific project? :d
  • After download I have loaded my fonts into Word and it worked just fine...but unfortunately not all fonts are loading
  • I have a font that I need to get the name of. Can someone help me?
  • I have a few font samples that is called cool typing fonts where you can create cool images with font and text secrets. Free Typing Games
  • Free Fonts- Most Wanted Fonts
    Get 1500 Fonts For Free
  • I have a font, this is great site
  • Hi, this is a very interesting article and I have enjoyed read­ing many of the arti­cles and posts con­tained on the web­site, keep up the good work and hope to read some more inter­est­ing con­tent in the future. I got a lot of useful and significant information. Thank you so much. vi nu

  • Xtintart
    Awesome fonts,use em all the time for tatts on many customers.thanx fontspace
  • lyd
    love the blog! amazing!!!!! smiley heart smiley-wink smiley-grin
  • Only now I found this site, did not even know that there is a choice of fonts.
  • fairly nice fonts across the website to choose from. Will mobile phones and tablets beginning to dominate the web space is very important that designers focus on these platforms. Small and clear as we used on our man with a van website.
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