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Metal Macabre font

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Kill them all! Let the Devil sort them out!

Metal Macabre sample text
Metal Macabre (Version 2.00 Ja) MetalMacabre.ttfView Font Info 63 characters — View All


  • TSN avatar
    I really like this one.
  • CerebralEclipse avatar
    Absolutely Beautiful, it captures every element of mercilees and violent to classy and sophisticated.
  • Vladimir avatar
    I love your fonts! I'm writing a book, which will be published in 3 years, may i use your fonts in them?!
  • BoltCutter avatar
    Yes. If you use our fonts, please send us a scan of the finished work. We will put it up on our website with a link back to you. (give you some free advertising.)
    Bolt Cutter
  • real72 avatar
    Such great intensity fonts. Love It!
  • aruzamen avatar
    Looks like 2 fonts one over the other... are both by you? i'd wish to have them separated ! 😄 great font btw
  • ccassidy1987 avatar
    verry nice i must say
  • MollieMclean avatar
    Hi, Please may I use this for my minecraft server icon?
  • BoltCutter avatar
    @MollieMclean Yes feel free to use it as you see fit. (within the terms of the license of course), as an icon I see no problem.

    No, it is one font, with characteristics of a serif font, and a freehand font melded to create an abomination, a construct, a FRANKENSTEIN!!! muahahahahaha! IT LIVES!
  • rammpatricia avatar
    @BoltCutter good one 😃
  • Jayhutch137 avatar
    I am writing to find out if i can use your font for a logo for my comic book fantasy series, Galerius. Which i will be putting on Patreon at some point in the middle of this year.
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Metal Macabre © BCD/MFA. 2008/2009. Freeware






Version 2.00 January 26, 2009, initial release