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Egyptienne Zierinitialien

Egyptienne Zierinitialien font

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Licensed as: Freeware
Egyptienne Zierinitialien
Egyptienne Zierversalien.ttf Egyptienne Zierinitialien (Version 1.0; 20)View Font Info 52 characters — View All


  • Hello, I am interested in using this font as the main font on a CD i am releasing, It will be for commercial use within Australia. Are their any forms I need to fill out?
  • fontologist
    @jennazav No forms. Dieter thinks that old wood and metal type had real material costs, but he believes digital versions of those fonts that were designed long ago should be free. I'm sure he'd appreciate a copy of your CD, or at least the cover art. Look for his address on his website www.steffmann.de I hope you don't need an O or V, because there aren't any in this font.
  • Thanks.
    I messed around on photoshop to create an O, is that alright?

    And I will be sure to send Dieter a copy when it is complete.
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Have fun and enjoy


Dieter Steffmann


Version 1.0; 2002; initial release