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Incantation font

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This is my first publicly released typeface, and I'm hoping that what I'm writing now isn't a total waste of time. Incantation is a spikey, splintered headline font that was evolved from two things:

the kind of 'scratched-in-with-a-pencil' look that some underground bands used, that I admire, and
from the band, INCANTATION, whose logo is somewhat like this, but not really. Very loosely based on this, I guess I should say.

If you would like to see any changes in it, I would be more than happy (trust me, I have really nothing better to do) to change it, and I am totally open to suggestions.

For now, INCANTATION is an all-caps typeface, but in the next release, I plan to have some more umlauts, diala-whatchamacall'em things and all that stuff, and a lower case set. If you are interested in other Death metal/grindcore type fonts I've made, but haven't released, mail me.

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Altsys Fontographer 4.0.2 2/27/95

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