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Architect font

— Created in by

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Licensed as: Public Domain
Architect Regular
ARCHITEC.TTF Architect Regular (Altsys Fontogra)View Font Info 159 characters — View All
Architect-Bold Bold
17273_architectbold.ttf Architect-Bold Bold (Altsys Fontogra)View Font Info 159 characters — View All
Woolkarth-Bold Bold
WOOLKART.TTF Woolkarth-Bold Bold (Altsys Fontogra)View Font Info 159 characters — View All


  • fontsarethebest77
    why in the other styles other characters aren't available? especially the "e"...
  • ElinMererid
    Love this font so cool but where is the 'e' on the other 2 fonts???
    otherwise its lush!! ? ?
  • What's with the missing "e"? Does the designer know that his font is gibbled?
  • WolfLambert
    The % is also not filled in the regular, but in the others it is filled, and very... queer. Also the amp&rsand... has that problem. When creating Kilimanjaro, i also had some filling problems by converting from TrueType to OpenType and by copying a character from another style. Is it converted?
  • FreeWilly
    Reminds me of Tekton Pro.
    The "e " is a letter not to be underestimated. In some languages (for example in German) it is the most common letter in texts!
  • fontsarethebest77
    @FreeWilly Uh, we're having a problem about the "e" here, don't act like it's no problem…
  • FreeWilly
    You`r right. Sorry if I didn´t put it clarly in my last post but I s it as a problm, too.
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