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Flandre's Wings font

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Flandre's Wings font by heaven castro
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This font is freeware.
I know, I've just made this font about the wings of Flandre Scarlet.

Please enjoy this font and have fun :)

Edit: I translating the text file into Tagalog except for the character names, the "rain summoning magic" the place name "Scarlet Devil Mansion" the game's title and "Extra Stage". If you spot the words that remain untranslated, report me.

Flandre's Wings sample text
Flandre's Wings (Version 001.000) Flandre'sWings.ttfView Font Info 71 characters — View All

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  • heavencastro avatar
    U.N. Owen was FontSpace?
    How about any of those Halloween fonts are here on FontSpace?
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Copyright (c) 2017, Google, Team Shangai Alice, Heaven Castro. Dedicated to Flandre Scarlet(best pronounced /flan-DRAH/), 1702-2017. Based on Roboto.


Version 001.000