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Helena's Hand font

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Per the author's website: "This is a True-Type font of my handwriting. I made it in Corel Draw, over about four days (big job!)

It's kind of a beta-version--it doesn't seem to wrap properly in MS Word, for some reason. There are a few symbols that I just didn't do (accent, tilde). I made the underscore into a long dash. I figured it would be more useful--I like dashes!"

Helena's Hand sample text
Helena's Hand helenahand.ttfView Font Info 223 characters — View All
HelenasHand sample text
HelenasHand (Version 1.001 () Helena's Hand.otfView Font Info 113 characters — View All


  • jeffschuler avatar
    Can't get this font to work in Mac OS X (10.5.5)... Anyone else have issues with it?
  • dnfrega avatar
    I can't get this to work on Mac OSX 10.6.3 either? Not sure why. I don't have problems installing any other ttf files, but it won't open for some reason??? Anyone?
  • fontologist avatar
    @dnfrega The font was encoded as a symbol font. I re-encoded it and generated it as an OpenType font, which I uploaded and it should now be in the zip. This was a very quick fix, so the line spacing may not be the world's greatest. Let me know if it works (or doesn't work)
  • dnfrega avatar
    Thank you so much, it worked. I will let you know if I have any problems with it in the future. Thanks again.
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Helena Jole


Version 1.001 (re-encoded)