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Sweet About font

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INTELLECTA DESIGN makes research and development of fonts with historical and artistical relevant forms. This font is a FREE software for personal and non-commercial use only. But donations for my HISTORICAL STUDIES about the history of the letters, calligraphy and typography are accepted. This font is for unlimited distribution, since attached in a file zip together with this text. For commercial use you need register this software by sending U$ 15,00 to the following paypal account - estiliza@gmail.com - After that, you need sent me a e-mail (paulo.w.designer@gmail.com), so I will send to you a legal permission to use the font.


If you want to use this font FULL LIFE without any restrictions, you can also place a link to my site in your website. If you create any
work of artistic nature with this font, I will be glad to publish it in social networ ks.

see my entire profesional commercial font library (OVER 500 FONTS) at


sincerely, Paulo W

SweetAbout sample text
SweetAbout (Version 1.000 2) Sweet About.otfView Font Info 64 characters — View All

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  • Cheyenne71 avatar
    I love this one! It is amazing - a handwritten script that is easy to read, neat, and very pretty. I will be using this one a lot! Thank you for sharing all of your fonts for us to use... it is most appreciated.
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Copyright (c) 2012 by Paulo W. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2012 by Paulo W. All rights reserved.


Version 1.000 2012 initial release


Sweet About is a trademark of Paulo W.


Paulo W

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