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Pokemon GB

Pokemon GB font

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Replica fonts of the font used in the original Pokemon games for the Game Boy. This set contains:

Pokemon GB: From the English versions
Pokemon GB Japan HR: Hiragana from the Japanese version
Pokemon GB Japan KT: Katakana from the Japanese version
Pokemon Unown GB: From the original Gold and Silver versions

BitmapThis is a bitmap font and is best displayed at 8pt (points)need help?
Pokemon GB
Pokemon GB.ttf Pokemon GBView Font Info 119 characters — View All
Pokemon GB Japan HRRegular
Pokemon GB Japan HR.ttf Pokemon GB Japan HRRegularView Font Info 81 characters — View All
Pokemon GB Japan KT
Pokemon GB Japan KT.ttf Pokemon GB Japan KTView Font Info 86 characters — View All
Pokemon Unown GB
Pokemon Unown GB.ttf Pokemon Unown GBView Font Info 26 characters — View All


  • sarakiller1
    nice work
  • I now use this font on my computer for almost everything and it looks amazing! It has an Amiga-feel to it! Great work!

  • sonofrageandlove
    Oh my god...I'm such a nerd and this is amazing!
  • JacobK2000
    My friend used this for a school project and thought it was so cool!
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