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Japan font

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Traced form an old Dover Book on handwritten type. This font has alternative letter combinations for the "o" and the "l" to kern correctly (alt + shift + w). The same thing for the "o" and the "s" (alt + shift + o) and for "o" and "r" (alt + o). This font Freeware for personal use. If it is for commercial use then this font is Donationware through PayPal: If you don't have a PayPal drop me a line and we'll come up with something. Please, donate in Euros IF this happens to be your local currency.

Japan sample text
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  • CROL_rene avatar
  • mamakimberly avatar
    This is lovely!! 😄
  • BeyondThisRealm avatar
    I ADORE this font. Thank you.
  • Molldogger avatar
    So cool!
  • fontsarethebest77 avatar
    the oe (big & small) are also o & z, but o has no "tail", and the z has a shorter start.
  • celia avatar
    like it so much...thanks!
  • jenniferofhogwarts avatar
    Ooh! It's so lovely. ^^
  • Ted84 avatar
    Nice! TY Mario!
  • persiljan avatar
    I would like to use this font for commercial use. How much do I donate?
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Reproduced by Mario Arturo 1997. Taken from the Dover book: Brushstroke and Free-Style Alphabets-100 Complete Fonts