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Nero font

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Nero font by NAL
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Nero sample text
Nero (Version 1.00 Ju) Nero.otfView Font Info 83 characters — View All

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  • MustangCod avatar
    I had a designer I met on twitter make some things for me with my name in this font. I lost track of him and have been searching for this font all over. This is sooooooooo wicked. I will used it for screen overlay when I stream Call of Duty and other games. Just so happy I found this. I absolutely love it. Thanks for putting it here for people to use. If there is any problem of me using it for twitch and YouTube channels, plz let me know. ~MusTanG
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This font was created using FontCreator 7.0 from High-Logic.com


Version 1.00 June 3, 2014, initial release