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Connie font

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Personal use only, no commercial use.
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
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Free for personal use. Donate to use commercially. Email me at nymphont at yahoo dot com for more info.

Connie-Regular.ttf Connie (Version 1.00 Ma)View Font Info 673 characters — View All


  • MiffinFonts
    OMG I love this!!! One of my best girlfriend's name is Connie smiley

  • nymphont
    Really? XD Thanks so much smiley-grin
  • nymphont
    @MiffinFonts oopsie, that last comment was to you. XD Thanks so much smiley-grin
  • KSA
    This is gorgeous, I have saved many of your fonts...they are all beautiful.
  • nymphont
    @KSA Thank you so much smiley-grin
  • TripleAsh19
    best font ever :"smiley-wink thanks
  • nymphont
    @TripleAsh19 ! Thank you so much smiley-grin I am glad you like it smiley-grin
  • Cheyenne71
    Gorgeous! This will be used very often. All of your fonts are just amazing. Thank you.
  • nymphont
    @Cheyenne71 You are very welcome, thank you smiley I am glad you like it smiley
  • Caz1951
    I love this font!! I can see me using it a lot. Thanks bunches smiley
  • nymphont
    @Caz1951 You are very welcome, thank you so much! I am glad you like it. smiley-grin
  • chuckcreasy
    great font! used it twice already. love it.
  • xxBillionYears
    nice font! smiley
  • this is amazballs i love it smiley-wink
  • grrfluudy
    Thank you!! This is amazing!
  • Can i know what Font type it falls in like serif or sans serif or something like that? pll
  • Lilyjones
    Perfect!....just Perfect x
  • flutekid14
    This is very pretty!
  • Very nice.....thank you smiley
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Inspired by a lovely time, dedicated with love to CMZ.



Free for personal use. A donation is required for commercial uses and web-embedding.
I accept donations through PayPal, you can donate to directly to email address: nymphont@yahoo.com. A PayPal account is not required, donations can be placed without a PayPal account using any major credit card. Donations can be made with a credit card using the "donate" button on this page of my website http://www.nymfont.com/2009/06/fonts.html

Please read the .txt file that should accompany this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email nymphont@yahoo.com to receive one.
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Version 1.00 March 7, 2013, initial release


Please refer to the Copyright section for the font trademark attribution notices.


Lauren Thompson
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