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Xiomara font

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Personal use only, no commercial use.
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
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Upright connected script by Lauren Thompson. Like most script fonts, not intended to be used in "all-caps" settings.

Free for personal use. Commercial use requires donation. Email nymphont@yahoo.com for information.

Xiomara-Script.ttf Xiomara (Version 1.40 Ma)View Font Info 821 characters — View All


  • 1WeirdASH
    Cute and pretty at the same timesmiley
  • nymphont
    @1WeirdASH Thanks so much smiley-grin
  • starsunflower
  • nymphont
    @starsunflower Thanks so much Su! I am so glad you like it!
  • hevbee
    Thank you smiley
  • nymphont
    @hevbee You are very welcome, thank you smiley-grin
  • brittney
    This is so cool!
  • swaggy111115
    @starsunflower no YOU are gorgeous smiley-wink
  • wannascrap13
    this is awesome! Thanks!
  • nymphont
    @brittney Thank you smiley-grin
  • nymphont
    @wannascrap13 You are welcome, thank you smiley-grin
  • i love this!!
  • nymphont
    @gibb1233 Thank you, I am glad you like it! smiley-grin
  • fontologist
    Different from all the scripts out there, and it joins up so well at all sizes - what a lot of work! I love the way the v looks almost like a heart smiley
  • nymphont
    @fontologist Thank you so much, I am glad you like it smiley-grin
  • Amazing Font smiley , Thanks smiley-grin
  • Desabelle
    Love it!
  • nymphont
    @Zeyad1 You are very welcome, I am glad you like it smiley-grin Thank you smiley-grin
  • nymphont
    @Desabelle Thanks so much, I am glad you like it smiley-grin
  • burgobby
    love this font heart
  • nymphont
    @burgobby I am glad you like it, thank you!
  • I Use This Font In All Designs smiley
  • Love it!! Sweet, charming & beautiful all wrapped in one amazing font! You are so creative with your font-creating skills...

    (p.s. hope you don't mind me asking, but just how difficult is it to make fonts?
  • nymphont
    @Zeyad1 I am glad you like it smiley
  • nymphont
    @NurseJules Hi, thanks so much for your kind comment on my font.

    How difficult is it to make fonts? Well.. there _is_ a _lot_ to learn and for me it's _always_ a learning experience and process making fonts. It's very time consuming and or is difficult if you want to make really good fonts. I have been making fonts for about five years or so now, and I am so glad that I tried it. smiley
  • @nymphont Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I'm a true fontaholic, and I've always wondered how difficult it was to make fonts. I might give it a try, but then again, with such talented font creators out there who are so gracious to offer their beautiful fonts for free, I may take the lazy way out and rely on your creative talents. Thanks again, nymphont! Looking forward to see many more of your font creations!! smiley-wink ~ J
  • nymphont
    @NurseJules No problem, you are very welcome. I would highly recommend giving it a try ( font designing) if you have a desire to do so. Designing type is one of my most favorite things. I use FontLab and FontCreator, the latter of which is a very simple program so it's easy to learn with. smiley There is always room for more type! heart
  • cassyxoxo
    So awesomesmiley
  • nymphont
    @cassyxoxo Thank you, I am glad you like it smiley-grin
  • KottonKandy
    I love this font! amazing! make more!
  • nymphont
    @KottonKandy Aw thank you so much, I am glad you like it smiley-grin (And I am making more, stay tuned he he XD)
  • Slpalinski73
    Is this not compatible with an iPad?
  • princesssasha
    I love this font. It's fantastic. I'll use it all the time when I need it. Thank you smiley
  • 123490
  • nymphont
    @princesssasha Thank you I am glad you like it.
  • nymphont
    @123490 Thanks... I think ;P
  • nymphont
    @Slpalinski73 I don't think so... sorry.
  • What a pretty font. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • nymphont
    @cooks88 Thanks so much smiley-grin
  • gorgeous - the "L" is my favourite!
  • flutekid14
    This font is cute, fresh, and ridiculously sweet. I adore Xiomara!
  • LexAndCompany
    So cute & sweet & pretty. Thank you for sharing!
  • nymphont
    @kmcg Thanks so much smiley-grin I am glad you like it smiley-grin
  • nymphont
    @flutekid14 Thank you so much for your kind words on my work it means a lot to me smiley-grin
  • nymphont
    @LexAndCompany You are very welcome, thank you so much for your kind comment smiley-grin I am glad you like it smiley-grin
  • cobblerelf123
    That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo G!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this font so much! its my favorite, im going to tell my friends to come to FontSpace and tell them to use yours, its amazingly beautiful heart I love it .
  • mominah
    sexy 4 my bf
  • SuyogJadhav
    nice font.
  • So cool everyone please check out me!
  • ParadoxCity
    Thanks! This is so going on fan memorabilia!
  • laeeun1223
    Wow cutest font EVER!
  • wildflower111
    This is my favorite font. Took me forever to finally find one I like the best. Thanks so much!
  • OMG I LOVE THIS FONT! thx..........
  • I heart it
  • smiley
  • luciasheehy
    My Favorite writing on the whole website
  • applemunch123
    love it heart
  • timgeaney
    Can you tell me what donation is required for commercial use. Thanks.
  • zangetsu
    happy new year
  • IRisHLaINe12
  • nice !!
  • jocurios
    another cool girly font
  • Nice....
  • sahiranetball
    this font is great and awesome sadly i cant download it
  • grrfluudy
    Thanks so much! Gorgeous font!
  • ConnorsFonts
    Cool font!
  • angelicamaerizmindoro5
    cooler fonts i like it.
  • AnushaDaGr8
    I love this font!
  • SculptureTime
    So cute and pretty, used it a bunch of times thanks for making this! This is so awesome! smiley-wink heart
  • I LuV It....!!!
  • MeridaEvangelineBucksworth
    Wow!! I luuuuuuv it!!! 😸😻😺😹😼😽😾
  • 217wildfire
    Wow I love this font it came in so much use smiley-wink
  • This font is pretty . I enjoy it !
  • porsier
    very nice!
  • CottonCandy
  • sugarsweetXD
    It is not insanely amazing, but it is pretty good.
  • VexonzHeartz
  • VexonzHeartz
    heart heart
  • i love this!
  • Miuverthon
    This font is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for gracing us all with your skill. heart
  • fizzyhotchick1
  • Amazing font thank you
  • cupcakesrock1011
    Cool font!
  • Wow! OMG, you can use this font for ANY kind of occasion. This is totally getting popular I see this font during events 2x every month
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A playful hand-made script by Lauren Thompson. Best used in typical settings with capitals used when appropriate, not intended for "all caps" use.



Free for personal use. A donation is required for commercial uses and web-embedding.
I accept donations through PayPal, you can donate to directly to email address: nymphont@yahoo.com. A PayPal account is not required, donations can be placed without a PayPal account using any major credit card. Donations can be made with a credit card using the "donate" button on this page of my website http://www.nymfont.com/2009/06/fonts.html

Please read the .txt file that should accompany this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email nymphont@yahoo.com to receive one.
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Version 1.40 March 4, 2014


Lauren Thompson
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