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Batter Up font

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Batter Up Regular is a baseball-themed round slab serif typeface. The typeface has been designed for old school layouts and team jerseys. Batter Up was inspired by the Key Street logo, and fleshed out using simple modular forms.

The newest Version 4.0 of Batter Up, released in February 2016, features significant modifications to existing letters. Round letters with terminations now have have square corners at the terminating ends. These modifications can be seen on the C, G, S, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9. The termination serifs have been extended on the T and the L. The T, N, U, and X have been widened, and the Z made more narrow. The angled termination on the 1 has been replaced, and the cross strokes on the Y and V have been removed. New punctuation symbols have been created as well.

Glyph width has been increased, and kerning has been adjusted to fit the overall wider monotone look of the typeface.

Full version / more:

Batter Up Regular Demo sample text
Batter Up Regular Demo (Version 4.00 Fe) Batter-Up-Regular-Demo.ttfView Font Info 24 characters — View All


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