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Hanford Script

Hanford Script font

— Created in by

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Licensed as: Public Domain
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Hanford Script
HANFORD_.TTF Hanford Script (Version 1.00)View Font Info 215 characters — View All


  • this is soo neat!
  • Not public domain - free for non-commercial use only.
  • fontspace
    This is public domain now. From the designer's website:

    "Despite what is said in the readme files associated with the fonts all fonts on this site are now public domain, whether used for personal use or for commercial purposes. All that I ask is that the source is acknowledged if you are using any for commercial purposes. All fonts are available in both Truetype and Postscript Type 1 versions."
  • how do you get it to show up in uppercase
  • sweet
  • akidta
  • Like it. Nice script
  • BassMon
    How is this not Vivaldi?
  • fontspace
    @BassMon You'll find that Roger White created his fonts from many existing designs
  • I read your comment that this script is public domain, but it won't let me print it to pdf. Is there another download that does not have that security protection?
  • SwatiChidambaram
    This design is simply awesome. I have liked it.
  • SpacedFonts
  • @kalmia Did you ever find a solution to the printing with Hanford Script font?
  • @fontspace Willing to make contribution - but all I can find is that it is free, yet when I go to make a pdf it has restrictions on it????
  • @fontspace so if we use it for commercial purposes we need to put a link or mention to fontspace? or does the acknowledgement go somewhere else? please clarify when you have the time. thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your wonderful site.
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Version 1.00


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