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Oxford font

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OXFORD' is a high quality font containing full hinting for correct rendering
at small point sizes and a total of 471 kerning pairs for correct character
spacing. It is supplied 'as is' and no waranty is implied or given by the
author. The font is suitable for both headlines and body text, and should
render well down to 6 point. It is based on a printed specimen of hot metal
type of 'Perpetua Series 239' supplied by the Mouldtype Foundry. The font
contains a full range of upper and lower case letters together with the figures
0 to 9 and a full range of punctuation. There are however no diacritics. It
was hand traced in order to achieve a high quality outline and compiled using
Type Designer 3.1. This font represents aproximately 1000 manhours of

OXFORD__.TTF Oxford (Version 1.00)View Font Info 214 characters — View All


  • Nice font. I like it. Thanks to the designer.
  • great.
  • Seems as it would have been no other names, say, in the 1930's. A blackletter font designed by Rudolf Koch 'The Great' was imported to Britain right under the name Oxford. Nowadays, it's still a marvel. - No Past, no Future!
  • Signed up just to say that this font is almost identical to Perpetua. Unless I'm missing something, this technically came first, or Photoshop is screwing up somehow, then this is a near-identical copy of Perpetua.
  • fontspace
    @mikesuszek I updated the description, but Roger states "It is based on a printed specimen of hot metal
    type of 'Perpetua Series 239' supplied by the Mouldtype Foundry"
  • Very nice font!
  • DaniellaSykes
    I like it.
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Version 1.00


Created by Type-Designer 3.0

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