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Harrington font

— Created in by

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Personal use only, no commercial use.
Licensed as: Shareware
Harrington (Plain):001.001
HARRINGT.TTF Harrington (Plain):001.001 (001.001)View Font Info 77 characters — View All


  • it's just alovely font
  • I love this font and use it all the time. Thank you for making it!
  • like
  • Wonderful for fantasy-theme titles!
  • forane
    Hi Sam,
    Very nice font. Can you tell me is there possibility to by this fonts for commercial use and how much is it?
    Thanks in advanced on answers.
  • ozthewizard
    I love this font. It's beautiful and will look good on my scrapbook layouts. Thank you.
  • Willowlane
    I would like to buy this font too please can someone tell me how.
  • jotunheimm
    this is the font that was used for the show pushing daisies in its credits
  • Hi Sam
    Your Harrington font is very nice. May I use this font for commercial use too?? Please reply me!
  • Hello Sam,
    I too would like to know if I can use this font for commercial use. Thank you.
  • how can we purchase the rights to use this font royalty free for commercial purposes (website, books, cover art, e-books, etc.)? is there a way to do this? i am simply in love with this font. i just found out about all of these font laws and am having a lot of confusion and trouble finding information so i am happy to find this site which has helped me a little.
  • I am an Embroidery Digitizer and I was wondering if you allow your fonts to be digitized for embroidery and sold as embroidery files? I see that another digitizer has digitized it, so I am assuming you allow it for a fee? I have tried to contact you via email, however the email bounced back to me.
  • RuthieM
    I was going to ask the same thing. Some places says you can. In fact I thought it was already one of the fonts on my Word program. However, if you would look above all the comments, there is a little lock and next to it says "Personal Use only--no commercial use." so that pretty much answers your questions. I know I'm disappointed too. I like the font too . smiley-sad
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