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My Underwood

My Underwood font

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A typeface of my vintage Underwood portable typewriter. Only contains characters that exist on the real typewriter. Oh, and it needed to be cleaned BAD.

My Underwood
MyUnderwood.ttf My UnderwoodView Font Info 90 characters — View All


  • RawrFonts
    this is SO coolsmiley-grin*
  • Is it possible to add an exclamation mark (!) to the font? On these old typewriters, to create an exclamation mark you had to type ('smiley-wink then backspace to type the (.). This is not possible to do on a computer.
  • Love this,would definitely consider this for my next tattoo
  • Perfect for what I needed- thank you very much!
  • cookiesammy04
    such a nice font !!
  • VintageButtons
    Awesome! Used for my History & English HW
    Hoping 4 a really good mark now LOL smiley
    Thank You!
  • oldfashionedgirl
    This is really awesome... I love that it's really off your typewriter. I also really envy your typewriter. smiley Also thanks for making it free use! smiley
  • 2Cents
    So what if it's been done before? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! This is perfect. Easy to read, and it conveys the message without being ostentatious. Thank you for posting.
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