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Little Days

Little Days font

— Created in by

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Licensed as: Freeware
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Little Days
Little days.ttf Little Days (Version 1.0; 20)View Font Info 180 characters — View All
Little Days Alt
Little Days Alt.ttf Little Days Alt (Version 1.0; 20)View Font Info 181 characters — View All


  • logosafari
    Great little font!
  • Would like to use this font in greeting cards and on my website. Please let me know if this is free for commercial use. Contact me at twinklnyc@gmail.com
  • Lovely! TY!
  • bellaaahbieber
    this is such a lovely font i used for my science assignment ? hehe smiley the font was marked and i got a D-. i am so proud of myself. this is the onley time ive never gotton a E. pleeeeaaaasssseeeee congratulate me! i should get a grammy award for this. ? xo thankyou.
  • MzJay25
    @bellaaahbieber Um excuse me Bellaaahbieber if our trying to make people laugh it's not working! I showed like 5 people in my family and they told me that I just wasted their time! So no offence but that comment you just posted was really dry!!!! And why would you get a grammy award??? You got a D- No offence again but that's really stupid! smiley-razz
  • SWH
    First of all, both of you should take a grammar course.
    Allow me to help you with the many flaws:
    *Only, *I've, *gotten, *an E, *thank you. Plus, use capital letters when necessary instead of once in a while whenever you deem it right.

    And for the second post:
    *you're, *I showed it to.

    @MzJay25 Simply because you say 'no offence' doesn't make up for the insult you offered her.

    It is true though, it is quite stupid.

    Perhaps you should consider changing usernames? Both are rather ludicrous.
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Version 1.0; 2001; initial release

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Version 1.0; 2003; initial release

Languages Supported