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538Lyons Logo Text font

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538Lyons Logo Text font by 538Fonts
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538Lyons Logo Text (aka E4 Digital Text) is a text version of 538Lyons' profile picture logo or a modified E4 Digital Lowercase font.

538Lyons Logo Text Regular sample text
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  • 629Lyric avatar
    Cool! By the way, your profile pic, the one styled like the E4 logo? How'd you get the font for "The Big 4" housing the "Slanted E"?
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric Hi Jack. Yes, my 538Lyons logo is E4 style. I actually got the font from
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    Here's the link to how/where I got the font:
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @DLyonsFont What I ment was how'd you get the numbers to look like the main 4?
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric I don't get it.
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric Get the numbers to look like the main 4? Maybe I only used the E4 Digital font's numbers?
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @DLyonsFont What I meant by "The Big 4" was this:
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric I actually didn't do that.
  • 629Lyric avatar
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @DLyonsFont It was one of your past profile pics.
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    OH! I made the numbers look like the previous!
    Well, I did this with Photoshop.

    Here's how I did it:
    While I started a new document, I called up my Type Tool, and typed it 538. Then I clicked on the layer to accept the text, and open the layer style window. I clicked Stroke, and I changed the stroke frame to a max or min number. Then, I repeat the process until 538 logo looks exactly like the E4 logo.

    Hope that helps.
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @DLyonsFont Just wanted to know how you did it. Thanks.
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric NP.
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