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@BRYNDA1231 He can't... There are over 130,000 registered unicode glyphs and ttf fonts are limited to less than 66,000 glyphs
CKJs are too far from each other when I tested the change preview
I real like it
This is the font I needed since I can change my android font setting to see those Burmese texf
Perfect for my personal colouring pages! Thanks :) Hard to see in my font list though. (In word using a Mac)
R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg 1961-2018
Gluk, you are a genius and a big hearted giver. Thank you.
mermaid font is perfect for my work - so pretty!
I really love this font, but cant use it because it only types in caps and the letter "O" and "Q" are the same font.
coolest font ever!