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8Pin Matrix
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    About 8Pin Matrix Font

    This font looks very much like the output of an old 8-Pin dot-matrix printer, like the Epson FX-80. Very interesting to re-create documents looking like "old" computers, or computerized bills.


    Back in 1987, I was working with a now antique Apple IIe and a then brand new
    Apple IIc, as well as an IBM-PC clone (Panasonic Senior Partner) on a project
    that was to become MatchFont. That software allowed machines of the time to
    use fonts on dot-matrix printers, such as the good old Epson FX-80 I had then,
    or the Apple Imagewriter. Eventualy, MatchFont helped people to use fonts on
    these rather slow printers, and to get unusual fonts, at least for these
    character-based computers. Eventually, the printers got even slower, but the
    results where, at least at the time, better than even a Mac.

    To-day, these technological monsters are gone. But I still remember the long
    hours passed on the 9x18 matrix of the MatchFont editor. I then created some
    great marvels, such as Japanese, or a sideways font.

    8-Pin Matrix reminded me of that good'ol time, as while creating it, I found
    back the familiar limitations of that format.

    I hope you will find interesting this little font, looking very much like the
    FX-80 outputs.

    As this is meant to really look like the output from an old dot-matrix
    printer, do not be surprised if you do not find kerninbg or proportional
    characters spacing. All this was still science fiction, at the time. So, this
    font offers monospace, and no kerning. Incidently, it means it will work as
    well a did, before, monospaced printed output, especially for numbers and

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