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Nouveau font by Alan Cairns
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This font is based on the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glasgow at the turn of the century. It is essentialy a headline font, and looks ghastly below 24 points. Upper case only is represented, but lower case letters give upper case output. In some cases the lower case letter will be a variant on the upper case one. There are also some ligatures and third versions. They must be accessed (on MSDOS/Windows machines) using the ALT key as follows:
0192 gives a very fancy A
0330 gives a TH ligature
0163 gives a LE ligature
0165 gives a TY ligature

Nouveau Regular sample text
Nouveau Regular (Altsys Metamorp) NOUVEAU_.TTFView Font Info 119 characters — View All


  • lunaxo avatar
    Best Font Ever
  • miguel42A avatar
    where can I buy this font for commercial use??
  • lizravalzx avatar
    @miguel42A you can find it here:
    Hope that helps x
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