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ModeSeven font by Andrew Bulhak
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ModeSeven is based on the bitmap font in Teletext televisions,
1980s-vintage Videotext terminals (such as the Prestel system used in
the UK), and the BBC Micro computer. (The name derives from the BBC
Micro screen mode which used the teletext character generator.)

This font looks "natural" at a size of 20 pixels, or any multiple thereof.
However, it has been hinted as to scale as well as an ex-bitmap font
can be expected to.

This font was created by hand with Fontographer 4.1.2 on a Macintosh.
The character definitions were worked out from a bitmap version of the
Teletext font created by James Fidell, and included in xbeeb (a BBC
Micro emulator for UNIX/X11). The spacing of the original has been
preserved, which is why many character shapes are aligned to the right
of their cells.

BitmapThis is a bitmap font and is best displayed at 20pt (points) — need help?
ModeSeven sample text
ModeSeven (Macromedia Font) MODES___.TTFView Font Info 99 characters — View All


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    BBC B Micro. Respect.
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This rendition (C) 1998 Andrew C. Bul+hac?k. Freely distributable.


Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.2 15/8/98