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by Andrew D. Taylor

Animal Tracks Font

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    About Animal Tracks Font

    Animal tracks are cool. They also reveal nice bits about the anatomy, habits, and behavior, of the animals that leave them. Animals that walk on their toes (digitigrade) such as horses, cats, dogs, deer, sheep, etc., rely on speed to overtake their prey, or to escape. Animals that live at a slower pace such as the skunk, porcupine, etc., generally have more elaborate movements-they place both their heels and toes on the ground. Anyhow, you get the idea.

    AnimalTracks is a type 1, PostScript" font for the Macintosh" and IBM" (Also available in True Type and T3). Each upper and lower-case letter of the alphabet is a different animal track. I've tried to display a wide variety of animals from domestic to exotic, but most are common animal tracks that one would see on a pretty mild hike. For the most part, all of them are the left front foot of the animal. (Although, sometimes I have used another footprint when it was more clear print.) In the wild, tracks vary according to age, sex, gait, and the medium in which the track was preserved. These prints are, on the whole, pretty darn good examples.

    When you press the Option key and the character at the same time, the opposite print appears (unless there was no Option letter available, but I plan to include these opposites using another key at a later date). For example, upper-case S is a left front skunk track and Option-S (upper-case) is the right front track. But the lower-case b, the bear, has no Option key on the Mac, thus no opposite track.

    The original drawings are fairly small, but I have found that most tracks print nicely from 8 to 72 point on my LaserWriter Select (600 Dpi)-8 Point is pretty darn small, however.

    Animal Tracks Legend


    A Antelope
    B Beaver
    C Caribou
    D Domestic Cat
    E Elk
    F Fisher
    G Grey Squirrel
    H Wolverine
    I Woodchuck
    J Jack Rabbit
    K Kit Fox
    L Lynx
    M Marmot
    N Marten
    O Opossum
    P Porcupine
    Q Pig
    R Racoon
    S Skunk
    T Turkey
    U Bobcat
    V Wild Boar
    W Whitetail Deer
    X Mule Deer
    Y Mink
    Z Moose

    small caps:

    a Armadillo
    b Black Bear
    c Cougar
    d Prarie Dog
    e Muskrat
    f Ferret
    g Grey Wolf
    h Mongrel Dog
    i Coyote
    j Ocelot
    k Badger
    l Red Squirrel
    m Mountain Sheep
    n Agouti
    o Otter
    p Peccary
    q Pheasant
    r Red Fox
    s Muskox
    t Paca
    u Kinkajou
    v Bison
    w Mouse
    x Mystery Track
    y Polar Bear
    z Mountain Goat

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