Aron Grotesque Font

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Sans Serif
Aron Grotesque Font

4 font family styles

Black Style

Aron Grotesque Black
truetype 403 glyphs 405 characters

Bold Style

Aron Grotesque Bold
truetype 403 glyphs 405 characters

Light Style

Aron Grotesque Light
truetype 403 glyphs 405 characters

Regular Style

Aron Grotesque Regular
truetype 402 glyphs 405 characters
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    About Aron Grotesque Font

    Aron Grotesque is a Geometric Sans Serif Font optimized to be a Web font.
    Aron design comes from the study of humanist sans serif typeface,
    it has optical adjustments to improve legibility and it is spaced to be used as a Text font, in fact give it best form 14 to 21 pts.
    Aron has some details in its shape that are visible if used as Display font, peculiarities that make it our Grotesque typeface.
    It’s name after Raymond Aron, one of the preeminent French intellectual of XXth century.

    The character set includes some old style glyphs ligatures, often forgotten nowdays, as "ct" and "st" and the basic mathematics glyphs, it also include OpenType Ligatures feature.

    Aron Grotesque Family:
    Aron Grotesque Light
    Aron Grotesque Regular
    Aron Grotesque Bold
    Aron Grotesque Black

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