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YouMurderer BB font

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YouMurderer BB font by Blambot
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YouMurdererBB sample text
YouMurdererBB (Version 1.000) youmurdererbb_reg.otfView Font Info 105 characters — View All


  • MarcoTL avatar
    39,694 downloads and 0 comments?! That's weird.
    Great design, I really really like it, all letters look great together. However you should add accents so we could write in other languages besides english.
  • XxbellaxX avatar
    AwSoMe FoNt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's gr8!!!. there's nothing wrong with it. 😛
  • XxbrutalbellaxX avatar
    luv this font!!! 😃
  • cbcompanies avatar
    Love it!
  • r0gu3slay3r avatar
    ... It's okayy,
    apart from the fact that it only has capitals :|
  • thealmightycuddlebear avatar
    Love this so much!!
    actually love this website lol
  • beckiebooloveyoux avatar
  • LORRY avatar

  • nutterkid avatar
    kool text blud
  • havewelost12 avatar
    This Font Iz Total Epicness XD 😄
  • IzyLo9147 avatar
    Really cool font to use. Great for horror projects:):)
  • AstroSparx avatar
    awesummm murder it should be!!!:P
  • LmG86 avatar
    this so cra cra it super duper nice <3 it just <3 it 😄
  • cryst6677 avatar
    just found this and i freaking love it it sooooo awesome
  • jay1703 avatar
  • MyAccountIsTemporary avatar
    You cant see the awesomeness through all its epicness
  • Pianoplayer21 avatar
    like it
  • Pianoplayer21 avatar
    but its scary!
  • scallywags avatar
    Really cool font. Thanks
  • foreveral0ne avatar
    Nice one
  • sLeNDErMan avatar
    I used it for my Slender Man drawing. \m/
  • QuietMusingsOfAYoungGirl avatar
    Very nice. Thankyou...
  • HorseLover99 avatar
    WOW this font is CRAZY amazing
  • cybercrimefighter avatar
    may i? thankyou~
  • SerenityAbby777 avatar
    @MarcoTL 231,891 downloads NOW!!! 😉
  • beyza avatar
    It's gr8 thanx
  • Bazinga avatar
    EPIC FONT!!!
    We are not worthy
    *bowing/worship action*
  • TheRebster44 avatar
    awesome! i love it!
  • salyna2000 avatar
    Really cool design! It worked perfectly for a project I am doing! It is about "Halloween Haunt". Amazing job! 😄
  • iamadogdemon avatar
    One thing I don't really like about this is that there's no lowercase letters, but I suppose that's just nitpicking. Or it can be a big deal, but whatever, this font is cool either way.
  • harry444478 avatar
    It's okay it's very good for scary stuff(:
  • morgannabananas avatar
  • Davor avatar
    its awesome
  • divergentserialkiller12 avatar
    i can freak anyone out!!!!
    who ever made this, take it from me.........
  • yoloswagger avatar
    yeah this is rlly good
  • jamesoglover avatar
    Very nice.
  • kitkat168 avatar
    this is awsome
  • gregorpant avatar
    for horror films
  • Akame42094 avatar
    Um, what are the handprints? Are they like parentheses or something?
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Copyright (c) 2007 by . All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2007 by Nate Piekos. All rights reserved.


Nate Piekos


Version 1.000


YouMurderer BB is a trademark of Nate Piekos.


Nate Piekos.