Planning the Big Day? Pair Perfect Wedding Fonts to 2015 Trends

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Every wedding, from the most intimate of gatherings to the most extravagant of parties, can take a lot of planning. If you're tying the knot this year here are the top 4 wedding trends for 2015 and the perfect selection of wedding fonts for each one.

  1. This years top trend is bohemian and rustic chic. When we say bohemian and rustic paired with chic think Edison-style light bulbs hanging freely above long, polished-wood benches. These weddings are all about the mystical 'awe' factor - twinkling lights and outdoor venues - that bring to mind fairy tales and simple living. We think the fonts that go best with these themes are: Angel Tears, The Dreamer, and Bilbo Regular.
  2. Weddings featuring dresses and colors that are simple but sophisticated are also on the rise. Almost every trending color palette this year consist of neutral shades with one or two 'pop' accents. Pair deep jewel-tones such as Merlot and Royal Blue with muted hues. Different textures are also appearing as defining accents such as shiny copper or dazzling sparkles. If this is your idea of a perfect wedding then here are some great fonts to match: Wedding Bells, You're Invited, and Ruthie.
  3. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is over-the-top details and opulence at its finest. Baroque weddings feature delicate but intricate details such as lace, hand-sewn beading, or reflective crystals (Swarovski or otherwise). Here are some of the fanciest but readable fonts that would look great on any lavish invite: Respective, Champignon, and Van den Velde Script.
  4. Last but not least is a trend that doesn't surface often but when it does, it dominates the industry. Feminine frills with artistic touches finds its way into the 2015 trends and this no-expense-barred theme is definitely a whirlwind. Think of everything from tulle princess gowns to beaded butterflies - don't forget the whimsical watercolor accents and desert bars! If your special day requires all the frills, then here are some great fonts to love: Aligot de Mirabelle, A Gentle Touch, and Mademoiselle Camille.

If you want to see more wedding fonts or have questions then don't hesitate to Contact Us.


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