Best Free Fonts of the Week - June 2015

by fontspace

It's that time again! Time to take a look at some of the best free fonts of the week. This time we're going to be showcasing brand new fonts from designers you may not have heard of yet.


Looking for the perfect font for your metal band's new tour poster? Your haunted house? Are all the free fonts you've sifted through not scary enough? Look no further than Crucifixion, designed by FontMonger. It'll certainly darken the mood, but in all the right ways. 

Electric Circus

Want a cute hand-drawn look that's still easy to read? Check out Electric Circus from Des. Some letters change from upper to lowercase, while others don't, making for an overall look that seems organic and hand-done.

Have a Great Day

A great set of letters made to look like they've been hand-drawn with a thick Sharpie, Have a Great Day by Runes&Fonts is bold but still friendly. With its lightly-brushed style, it almost gives off a calligraphy look.


Lento by HeHoo is delicate and swirled without getting messy. Its ubiquitous curlicues create an overall look that evokes fantasy. Just try to look at it and not think of fairies! 

Civilisation Maya

With letters that look to be intricately carved out of stone into leaves and vines, Civilisation Maya by CloutierFontes transports you effortlessly to the Mayan jungle. Flip through the pictures to see a very cool set of glyphs to go with the Roman letters.

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